Brake Service, Repair and Testing in Salisbury


With regards to brakes, never leave it to the point that brake repairs are a necessity.

Regular examination as part of our 65 point vehicle report, included in any full car service conducted at Auto Stop, are imperative in checking the car's brakes are properly maintained. Our expert mechanics can advise you if they detect that servicing or repairs of the car's brakes are needed prior to it becoming a real issue.

Brake services on offer at Auto Stop include:

  • Replace Brake Pads
  • Flush And Replacement Of Brake Fluid
  • Brake Disc/Rotor And Drum Machining or Resurfacing
  • Brake Disc And Drum Replacement
  • Replacement Of Brake Calipers
  • Replacement Of Brake Lines And Hoses
  • Replacing Complete Brake System

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If you learn of any signs that your vehicle's brake system could possibly require a servicing just book online to get the vehicle's brakes assessed in our Salisbury service centre today.

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Brake Service By Qualified Mechanic

Brake warning signs to be attentive of:

  • Brake Pedal Appears Sticky
  • Brakes make Excessive Noise
  • Swerving Whenever Brakes Are Applied
  • Vibration Whilst braking
  • Brake Light Remains Lit
  • Spongy Brake Pedals
  • Altered Stopping Distance
  • Hard Brake pedal

To discover more regarding brake warning signs along with their conceivable causes visit 5 Warning Signs your Brakes need servicing

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